The Men’s Life House is our newest ministry and is designed to help and serve men in need. The Men’s Life House consists of three different types of programs. With Christ at the center, men in this program will work towards living a better and healthier life all around.
We understand that every man who comes to the Men’s Life House does so with a unique, complicated history. New Life Ministries has the experience to identify which conditions and circumstances support individual growth and which hinder it. The Men’s Life House Director will discuss each man’s personal situation with him and assist in setting goals to resolve the crisis and move forward.
Men will attend life skill classes that focus on taking responsibility for choices. Depending on an individual’s needs, he may also finish requirements for a high school diploma or enroll in technical training to expand career options. Staff help the men find a job and work toward financial independence. Men are supported and coached as they develop a lifestyle that is physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally healthy.

Emergency Shelter

The Men’s Life House can act as an emergency shelter for men escaping from an abusive or challenging situation. We can provide temporary food and shelter on a short term basis for gentlemen as they look for new living arrangements and help.

Step Up Program

The Step Up Program is our starter program for men who need help getting back on track. Individuals are provided with resources and assistance as needed, and the Men’s Life House acts as a safe place where they can “step up” to life’s challenges with the help they need.

Fresh Start Program

The Fresh Start Program is for men who need a longer stay to heal, overcome obstacles, and to find the skills that will help them in life. Men begin to learn about forgiveness, healing, love, and peace. They will learn confidence, leadership, responsibility, understanding consequences, and have the opportunity to learn to live a victorious life with Jesus.

Meet the Men’s Life House Director

Carl Esque
If you are in need of help and believe our house and programs are a good fit for you or someone you know, please contact Carl Esque by phone, or call our office at 260-200-1372.