Women & Women with Children


Emergency Sheltersad woman

The Life House can act as an emergency shelter for women escaping from an abusive situation. We can provide temporary food and shelter on a short term basis for ladies as they look for new living arrangements and help.

Step Up Program

The Step Up program is the basic plan for ladies coming into the Life House for an extended stay. The program lasts 3-6 months. We offer the women an opportunity to “Step Up” to meet life’s challenges head on and with a support team behind them as a safety net.
The Step Up program allows women to enroll in classes that will strengthen their work skills and help them make better decisions in life. Finding a job to begin working towards financial stability and independence is a major priority.
Every person enrolled in the Step Up program is required to attend all life skill classes, church services, and to abide by the schedule of the day.
Longer stays need to be approved by Life House Director Carla Staton.

Fresh Start Program

The Fresh Start Program is for women needing a longer stay to heal, overcome obstacles, and build the life skills that will help them after they leave the Life House. Residents learn about forgiveness, healing, love, and peace. They are taught  how to be confident, responsible leaders who understand the consequences of their actions and that they can ultimately have victory in life with Christ Jesus. Fresh Start is a 6-12 month program.
Every person enrolled in the Fresh Start program is required to attend all classes, church services, to abide by the schedule of the day, and acquire employment at some point.
  The Life House will not enable or force a person through the steps of the program. We walk beside ladies as they are choosing to begin a new life and help them acquire the skills and knowledge to be successful on their own. Ultimately, it is up to them to thrive.