Living at the Women’s Life House

Emergency Shelter includes a place to shower, nutritious food, a clean bed, and a listening ear. We ask guests to attend our evening programs, Sunday School and Worship Services. Women who come for Emergency Shelter may stay for up to five days. If a woman decides she would like to enter the residential program, she is welcome to ask for an interview with the Life House Director. 
A person searching for real change may find the answer in Step Up, our four-to-six month residential program . Step Up is for women who are ready to try a new way.
Every person who comes to the Life House does so with a unique, complicated history. New Life Ministries has the experience to identify which conditions and circumstances support individual growth and which hinder it. The Women’s Life House Director will discuss each woman’s personal situation with her and assist in setting goals to resolve the crisis and move forward.
Women attend life skill classes that focus on taking responsibility for choices. Depending on an individual’s needs, she may also finish requirements for a high school diploma or enroll in technical training to expand career options. Staff help the women find a job and work toward financial independence. Women are supported and coached as they develop a lifestyle that is physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally healthy.
After graduation from Step Up, a woman may be eligible for the Fresh Start program. Fresh Start begins at the Life House and transitions to successful independent living. Multiple changes at once can feel overwhelming so even after the move, New Life staff provide support and encouragement.

In Their Words –

“I have worked and served as a bi-vocational pastor for over 14 years. Planting New Life Fellowship Church in 2001 was a huge undertaking. But it’s what God called us to do. God then lead us, as a church, to open a soup kitchen to feed people everyday. Now God has called us to open a women’s shelter. So that’s what we are doing. It’s never been about status, ego, or money. It’s always been about Jesus and it always will be about Jesus.” – Pastor Jimi Staton: New Life Fellowship Church
“There is currently a gap in services for this population. We are seeing women in some desperate situations that put them and their children at risk for a constant cycle through the system and a life of instability. I am currently working with a woman who is unable to pay her bills and support her children due to being unable to find employment and the high cost of housing. A shelter that could help her move forward will keep her from being homeless.”    – Karen Hinshaw: County Extension Director, Health & Human Sciences Extension Educator, Purdue Extension Huntington County
  “We are never more like Jesus than when we are prayerfully caring for those who need a new, dynamic relationship with Christ, His church and a safe haven to grow in Him. Pastor Jimi Staton and the Family of New Life Fellowship Church are in the forefront of ministries that make a difference. I fully and completely give high praise and full endorsement to their efforts in Kingdom expansion through the vital ministry of Women’s Life House. Their sensitivity to the needs of women needing a safe haven is at the heart of Jesus’ love expressed through His cross and made real by His people.”  – Dr. Cecil W. Seagle: Executive Director, State Convention of Baptists in Indiana.