About – the Need

When the Women’s Life House was just a concept, there was not a lot of resources for ladies in need in the Huntington area. There had been some talk in the community of the great need that existed, but little was happening in the way of acting on that need. For that reason, New Life Ministries took it upon ourselves to open the Women’s Life House.
Huntington is the county seat to Huntington County. It has approximately 37,000 people, with roughly 17,500 people residing in the city of Huntington itself. Huntington looks in many ways like other cities its size. However there are some differences: more females than males, a high ratio of unwed mothers, and a high teen pregnancy rate.
The Women’s Life House is for women who are in need of shelter, food, and safety. Those who need a fresh start in life to due to economic hardships, domestic, mental, or physical abuse, or incarceration. The programs that the Life House offers leads women to a new life with the help of Christ and the leadership and guidance of the staff at the Women’s Life House.

In Their Words –

“I have worked and served as a bi-vocational pastor for over 14 years. Planting New Life Fellowship Church in 2001 was a huge undertaking. But it’s what God called me to do. God then lead us, as a church, to open a soup kitchen to feed people everyday. Now God has called us to open a women’s shelter. And that’s what we are doing. It’s never been about status, ego, or money. It’s always been about Jesus and it always will be about Jesus.” – Pastor Jimi Staton: New Life Fellowship Church
“There is currently a gap in services for this population. We are seeing women in some desperate situations that put them and their children at risk for a constant cycle through the system and a life of instability. I am currently working with a woman who is unable to pay her bills and support her children due to being unable to find employment and the high cost of housing. A shelter that could help her move forward will keep her from being homeless.”    – Karen Hinshaw: County Extension Director, Health & Human Sciences Extension Educator, Purdue Extension Huntington County
  “We are never more like Jesus than when we are prayerfully caring for those who need a new, dynamic relationship with Christ, His church and a safe haven to grow in Him. Pastor Jimi Staton and the Family of New Life Fellowship Church are in the forefront of ministries that make a difference. I fully and completely give high praise and full endorsement to their efforts in Kingdom expansion through the vital ministry of Women’s Life House. Their sensitivity to the needs of women needing a safe haven is at the heart of Jesus’ love expressed through His cross and made real by His people.”  – Dr. Cecil W. Seagle: Executive Director, State Convention of Baptists in Indiana.