New Life Ministries
Most volunteers participate in a specific area of service like the Meal Ministry or rehabbing a house to prepare for future residents. That works well because it allows all of us to function in our natural gifts.
Looking at the big picture of New Life can provide individuals with a clearer view of the role they play. We think you’ll find this information interesting.
If you add up everything that happens at New Life, feeding 80 people supper every night, sheltering women that are homeless, teaching Bible studies and life skill classes, providing safe harbor for women with children, and if you add in maintenance of the buildings, all utilities, office supplies and equipment, cleaning materials, salaries, and everything else we need to love on the people who come to us, that total comes to $770.84 per day. Another way to think of it is 54 cents per minute.
Clearly, we work hard at being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us. The chart below breaks our expenses down even further. Look it over carefully. From a minute to a full day or more, we invite you to choose a level and partner with us.
Meal Ministry
We are able to feed so many Huntington neighbors every night because individuals give out of their abundance. One person fills a freezer with half a beef. Another shares a portion of their garden harvest. Still another contributes by catching a sale at the local grocery store. Whether pork ribs, ripe watermelon, cotton dish cloths, or ketchup, your gifts are a blessing. 
  • Fruit, Vegetables, & Meats: fresh, frozen, or canned.
  • Dry Pantry Staples whether bagged or boxed. Examples include: sugars, flour, pasta, rice, soup, broth, shortening, oils  etc.
  • Premade Mixes encompass family favorites like mac & cheese, hamburger helper, potato dishes, and cake mixes.
  • Breads & Biscuits of all types including assorted crackers.
  • Non alcohol drinks starting with coffee, lemonade and teas hot or cold. Everyone enjoys a variety.
  • Condiments and Sauces can be in jars like ketchup and marinara or in mixes like gravy and taco mix.
  • Cooking Equipment, Kitchen Linens, & Cleaning Supplies. When it comes to bowls and pots, think BIG.
As you can see, if you use it in your kitchen, we can probably use it in ours. Each day’s cook has free reign to select from the freezers, refrigerators, and shelves to serve up a delicious meal.
Donations may be dropped off at the Meal Ministry 323 N. Jefferson Street between 4:30 – 7:00PM any day of the week. Your generosity continues to amaze us.
Women’s Life House
Residents are required to get a job. One of the Life Skills Classes is Budgeting. Every woman works with the Director to plan and stick to her personal budget.
To allow residents to focus on paying off debt and saving (at least $1500) for a fresh start when they graduate the program, New Life provides basic food and personal items.
New Life also provides cleaning supplies. All residents participate in keeping the Life House very clean.
If you would like to make an in-kind donation to the Women’s Life House, here are a few suggestions.
  • Cleaning Supplies including sponges, brushes, and assorted cleaners. Your personal favorite products are greatly appreciated.
  • Personal Hygiene items like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soap, toothpaste, floss, tissues, etc.
  • Thick Towels & Washcloths.
Items can be dropped off at the Women’s Life House at 406 Byron St between 10am-8pm. We are grateful for your support.
Women with Children Life House
It’s tempting to shower sweet children with toys their parents can’t afford. Unfortunately, the Life House doesn’t have the physical space to accommodate those gifts.
Each family shares a bedroom that houses individual beds and most of their belongings. In addition, families enjoy use of the kitchen, dining room, bath, living areas, and backyard. Since those are community spaces, personal items must be put away. 
In addition to personal hygiene items and cleaning supplies, families appreciate child-appropriate items such as after-school snacks, laundry detergent for babies, child-size toothbrushes, Clorox wipes, band-aids, diapers, and hand-sanitizer.
Donations labeled “Women with Children Life House” may be dropped off at the Women’s Life House located at 406 Byron St.  Thank you for your kindness.